Stress&Negativity vs Optimism&Self-Love






5 thoughts on “Stress&Negativity vs Optimism&Self-Love

  1. Ohhhh this is the story of my life! I’ve turned down an invite to play boardgames and drink tea with friends & colleagues tonight and an invite to visit my sister out of town, in favour of yet another evening spent staring at my computer as I inch closer to the end (apparently?). Good luck fighting those commitment/stress demons – I hope the sunshine wins! 😀

    • I’ve been pretty good so far at taking breaks when I start to get super grumpy. But I’ve got my first real deadline looming in a month and I know it’s going to get way harder to persuade myself that a yoga class/ a few drinks with a friends/ a cup of tea IS better for my productivity than working so hard and long I could cry!! I just need to manage that balance of work/ life properly I guess. Thanks for commenting! I hope you can find yourself time for a break really soon 🙂

      • I guess part of the struggle is planning & balance…and I say that knowing how impossibly difficult it can be to know how long things will take, and to plan around potential unforeseen slow-downs (e.g. months and months of writer’s block!).

        I think (maybe?) we know our limitations. A few drinks on occasion is good for the soul. Drinking every night to avoid doing work, not so much 😛

        And thanks! I’ll get a break soon – I submit in 26 days (ahhhh!) and then I’m moving overseas so it’s all about to get a lot less thesis-y o’er here!

      • Wow you’re so close, that’s so exciting!
        NB I don’t drink THAT often :p

  2. It’s more 15% exciting, 85% OH MY GOSH THIS WILL NEVER BE DONE IN TIME 😛

    Hehe and no, I know 🙂 Neither, but I do firmly believe that a night out (or even in!) with friends and a few brews can be amazingly good for the PhD-doing soul!

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