What if…?

What if my “working my hardest” is not enough?

What if my project fails?

What if I’m asking the wrong questions?

What if I’m analysing my data the wrong way?

What if someone disagrees with my ideas?

What if my hypotheses have already been disproved elsewhere?

What if I break my leg?

What if I fall pregnant unexpectedly?

What if I get robbed?

…Then I get out of bed the next morning, with my family and friends to support me (because they won’t love me any less), and do my best to carry on regardless.



I know that being thoughtful is an important part of being a scientist. Also in being a happy human.

But I think a lot of people can agree that it’s far easier to sit on either side of the scale of “too thoughtful” and “not thoughtful enough” than it is to sit in the middle.


Just pondering.


Maximising Productivity

Hello all.

So I finally started working in the lab, I have four cancer cell lines going, and they need tending to several times a week. I’m also due to start a set of PCRs and some drug treatments on my cells.

However, technically I’m not in the lab ‘full time’; I still have half an hour/ an hour here and there with which to do other productive stuff. 

Stupidly, I had previously assumed that I could make the most of this time by dipping in and out of reading and writing. I work best when I DON’T try and read for 3 or 4 hours solid, so I thought only having 1/2 an hour or an hour to spare would be a perfect window for reading.

Obviously, my brain doesn’t feel the same way I do, and I am finding it really hard to jump in and out of different focus modes. i.e. don’t stab yourself with a lysing needle – what’s the latest contribution to personalised medicine theory? – don’t put your cells in the waste pot – is this paper worth my attention?…etc.

So, if there is anyone out there, could I get some ideas/ tips/ anecdotes about how to make the most of my ‘spare time’ at work?